Ideally, education should involve both the arts and the sciences for a fully-rounded effect. In this day and age, educational software is being used in schools all across the country to help students build new skills and to learn more quickly with better retention. Music is a useful thing to learn, but can both coding and music be learned at the same time? Of course that is a reality.

New Creative Education

A revolutionary new mode of creative education for the teaching of music and coding at the same time is now available. The idea of this is amazing because it truly enhances learning and creativity. Music utilizes one side of the brain and computer logic the other, thus enhancing the total learning of the students.

Students must first be willing to experiment if they want to work in creative industries of any kind. The project known as the Sonic Pi: Live & Coding seeks to create a new method for the arts to be taught with the science of computing. It provides novel methods for young students to delve into the realms of digital music.

Live Coding

Along with the use of a tiny computer about the size of a credit card, called the Raspberry Pi, software called Sonic Pi creates a musical instrument. The way this works is with live code. Students can program the small computer to produce musical sounds of various kinds and thus create live digital music.

This type of setup encourages students to take creative risks. At the heart of it, there is nothing to lose but students usually do not want to take risks if it could affect their grades. In this case, they engage in active coding while producing music. This evokes the power of the entire brain. It also rewards healthy risk-taking while building confidence as well as proficiency with digital equipment.


This project is currently being tested in the United Kingdom, with Cambridge University spearheading most of the study. It is all a matter of combining educational technology or edtech as it is now known. More and more, educators are finding that interactive technology and educational software is greatly improving the overall and specific skills of students in a highly practical manner.

When you consider it, this is an excellent way to present musical art to students who are also interested in computing. This opens up new vistas for students who long to work in many different creative industries. Plus, early exposure sets them up for much better skills than if they were to learn the same thing later on.

Creative Economy and Edtech

This type of edtech is aimed at boosting the creative economy. Art and science come together for the benefit of all and to further education in a way that has never been really tested and used before. With such advances actually applied in the educational system, students have more advantages toward making the musical arts an area of profession and life skills. The economic boost will be an effect.