Software is Changing Education

The use of educational software is at an all-time high and now that it is much more interactive, it is changing the scope of education as we know it. The development of personal computers was not the “big deal” in changing education. It is the development of educational software that really makes the difference. Even

Simultaneous Music and Educational Technology

Ideally, education should involve both the arts and the sciences for a fully-rounded effect. In this day and age, educational software is being used in schools all across the country to help students build new skills and to learn more quickly with better retention. Music is a useful thing to learn, but can both coding

Google’s New Artificial Intelligence Software

Google has released new customer service artificial intelligence software that could revolutionize customer care. The days of pressing one for yes and two for no are going to be in the past soon. The interesting thing about it is that the voice is almost completely human sounding, just as another of Google’s AI releases. This